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Market Thymes Newsletter - August 19, 2017


Our mission: to celebrate agriculture and to connect our community

in a fun, vibrant, social and educational setting.


Market Highlights


“Okanagan Fruit” is arriving weekly now. First of the peaches and some plums last week to augment the cherries and apples which have been in the market for the last few weeks. And there are still local strawberries in the market.




See page 2 for “Benefits of Plums”


Live entertainment this week is courtesy of “Wylie and the Other Guy”.



Where's Abbie?

Market mascot, Abbie spends market days visiting with vendors. We invite our younger customers  to find Abbie, come to the Market Info tent and tell us where you think you found her. If you are right, you get to choose a gift out of Abbie’s prize trunk. 




 Today’s Recipe

Apple, Basil and Tahini Salad”

This is a ‘use whatever you want’ kind of salad, where the                                       more greens, herbs, sprouts and other miscellanea you find in                         your fridge, the better it will turn out. Some obvious suggestions                                are your favourite seasonal greens, cucumber and peppers, but                                    also try adding steamed green beans, pea shoots and sunflower                                 sprouts. Top everything with chopped apple, sesame and hemp                             seeds, and big handfuls of basil. Pairs perfectly with barbecued                               tilapia or chicken.

For dressing: (makes 1 ½ cups).

  • 1 clove garlic

  • ½ cup walnuts

  • ½ cup tahini

  • juice from 1 lemon (about 1/3 cup)

  • ½ cup water

  • ½ salt

  • 1 small chili pepper (optional)

In food processor, mince garlic and chili pepper (if using).                                         Add walnuts and pulse until finely ground. Add all other                                          ingredients and process until smooth. Dressing can keep in                                      fridge for up to a week. Assemble salad just before serving                                     using suggestions above.










Recipe researched by Market blog writer Danielle Del Vicario.                                    She is writing about the Market experience, foods, recipes and                                    menu ideas and much more. The blog can be found at             


Classic Carshow takes over downtown:

The 12th annual Downtown Abbotsford Classic Car Show                               takes over the downtown area including our normal market                                site on Montrose. For this one Saturday each year, we move                           off of Montrose and onto the church property and out onto Trinity Street.

Because most of the downtown is closed to traffic, there is no                      customer parking on the streets around the regular market                            site (Trinity, Pine and West Railway streets). Best parking is on                          the lot of the old shopping center at Pauline and Essendene,                              just one block up the hill from the church.





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